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The Norman Chief Memorial Dancers were founded in 2004 by Sonny and Terri Delaronde in memory of the late Norman Chief, a Métis musician, singer, and entertainer. The Norman Chief Dancers' primary purpose is to promote and develop community spirit through traditional style Métis music and dance. The team dances at fundraising events in Aboriginal communities throughout Manitoba to further promote Métis culture and heritage.

These events assist local communities with fundraising for children/youth initiatives including fiddling, jigging, sports, recreation, and other cultural programs. Their performances promote community development by bringing people of all ages together to celebrate Métis culture and heritage. The events also help families and community organizations to raise funds for a variety of causes including Cancer Care Manitoba, the Children's Wish Foundation, and Aboriginal people who require additional funds with medical treatment.

The Norman Chief Dancers have performed in many cultural events throughout Manitoba and northwest Ontario including Folklorama, St. Laurent Métis Days, Winnipeg Métis Association Street Festival, Treaty Days, N.C.I. Jam, and The Aboriginal Express featuring Ray St. Germain. The dance troupe also provides cultural awareness performances in many Manitoba schools in support of Aboriginal Academic Achievement initiatives. The Honourable Yvon Dumont is the official spokesperson and MC for many of the cultural events. The dancers create toe tapping enthusiasm from their audiences with modern, unique dance steps blended with the traditional Métis Red River Dance style.

The popular square dance troupe features:

The popular square dance troupe features: Sonny and Terri Delaronde, originally from Duck Bay and Kinosota, Manitoba. Sonny named the popular square dance team, and his wife, Terri, coordinates many events and organizes the dancers and team outfits. Kevin Chief, originally from Duck Bay, Manitoba, grew up surrounded by music and dancing thanks to the influence of his late father, Norman Chief. Clorice Genaille, originally from Duck Bay, is a dance instructor with the Winnipeg Métis Association's Big Hart Program. She has taught thousands of children and youth Métis style jigging and dancing.

  • Saturday, Sept. 29

    St. John's Residents Association AGM, Winnipeg

  • Tuesday, Oct. 16

    Ikwe-Widdjiitiwin Women's Shelter 25th Gala Dinner, Winnipeg

  • Friday, Oct. 19

    Red River Jamboree, Winnipeg

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